18th International Festival of Outdoor Films

We are contacting you with the possibility of partnership at 18th International Festival of Outdoor Films. Our company Outdoor film s.r.o. organizes the International Festival of Outdoor Films (IFOF). It is one of the largest outdoor touring competition festivals in the world.

IFOF focuses on sport and outdoor, adventure, extreme, adrenalin and travel film. Film authors from around the world (film studios, national and private TV companies, on both professional and amateur level) are part of the festival every year. IFOF films transport us to various places of our planet. Many of them have big social as well as emotional impact. Outdoor film documentaries show unique and unrepeatable real-life experience.

Festival has four categories:

A) adventure and extreme sport film – sports in the nature (except climbing, mounteneering and water sports), skiing, extreme skiing, bikes, paragliding, speleology etc.

B) climbing and mountaineering film – climbing sports, mountineering expeditions, climbing on ice, polar expeditions, mountain landscape, man and mountains.

C) adventure water sport film – rafting, water sports, kayaking, canoeing, yachting, diving, surfing, long-distance swimming,underwater speleology etc.

D) travel film (film travel topic not ranked in categories A,B or C)

This festival takes place from October to December every year. It has been running in more than 50 – 60 cities, towns and places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for 17 years. We want to extend this 18th IFOF to Poland and Hungary. We want to apply for a grant from the Visegrad Fund in the June and we are looking for a co-organizer of this traveling competition festival. Last year we received a record 1,486 films from 120 countries. Our festival was ranked among the best European festivals and our company ranks among the 10 best in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The festival is visited annually by about 30,000 spectators.

Mr. Bozsik,
Would you like to participate in this festival with us? The films would be delivered in English, Hungarian or non-verbal. The projection could take place for example in 4 blocks in two days. We can send the best films from all Visegrad countries with outdoor thema (or give access to the download), graphic materials for posters, programs and catalogue, which can then be printed by the co-organizer. Our partner would have the information about this project on the websites. We need to the application this information about Hungary partner:
Organization name, address, ID No. of organization, statutory representative, VAT payer – Yes or Not.

You can see more about us there: www.outdoorfilms.cz

You can see some photos from last 17th IFOF here:
Opening ceremony of MFOF 2019 https://1url.cz/rMYhk
The closing ceremony of the festival https://1url.cz/rM7rn

BEST OF 17. MFOF – Video